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Nat-Stat gives back - Siphosethu Primary

30 August 2011

Siphosethu Primary School, situated 500m from National Stationery’s Head Office in Mount Edgecombe, was visited by a
Nat-Stat team delivering some much needed stationery supplies. There are roughly 380 primary school children at Siphosethu. The Nat-Stat team was greeted with smiling faces and enquiring eyes while they set up two Nat-Stat dump bins and loaded them with just short of 400 specially made up stationery packs.  Each pack contained the necessities; pens, pencils, ruler, erasers, scissors, glue stick and of course the pencil bag.  In addition to the stationery pack the younger children received extra wax crayons and the older one’s some additional pens.

Nine large boxes of assorted Art Supplies were handed over to the School – much to the delight of the Grade One teachers. Needless to say art class at Siphosethu School will never be the same again!

Principal, Mrs Lindeni Gumede, and the teachers were very appreciative of the support shown to the school by Nat-Stat.  The team was given a small tour of the modest classrooms and their new library facility which they are eager to fill with educational material, books and encyclopaedias.

To date we have had a generous donation of a full set of World Book Encyclopaedias from the Evans family and we hope to be able to continue to donate material to the School throughout the year.

We need your help!

If you have any old school books, magazines or encyclopaedia’s that you would like to donate to Siphosethu Primary School, please contact us on

Let us show Siphosethu Primary School how a little support from the community can go a long way in building their children’s futures.